Why talk to a Business Alchemista?

Some decisions are just hard to take. You have all the facts, all the pro’s and con’s, and still: any decision feels wrong, any decision bears strong counter-arguments, or the worry to overlook something. You may feel bound-up, running in circles


How to unstuck yourself?

Let’s talk.

I listen on all levels and hear the unspoken fears, all those but´s and if´s that keep you in your vicious circle. Naming them and calling them out – they loose their power over you. Quite by magic, the right step becomes clear. It might be a completely new road you did not think of before, it might be one of those pro-con options, where now it is clear that the contra arguments simply do not carry a lot of weight.

Align the Head and the Heart

and you will know what is right for you

That is what talking to a business alchemista will do for you: aligning the head and the heart


Working virtually works!