Pebble Talk – Tell it – Watch it – Get it

There is this weird situation or a long standing struggle that you just cannot get a handle on. Too many different bits and pieces, stuff happening behind the scene – you know, when something´s coming and you just cannot grasp it.

So we take out the pebbles:

You tell your story and I put down key players on the game board.

Watching a situation thru the lens of the pebbles gives you a different view, blocks and interactions become visible.

You get what´s going on.

For those of you who know constellation work – yes, it is a form of constellation work. Done digitally over zoom, a quick release or deeper work, that depends really on your question.

I was quite surprised at how effective my Pebble Talk with Wiebke went, and the immediate “aha” I felt as we talked through the challenge I was having.
It allowed me to step back and see the situation from a higher perspective, with Wiebke intuitively guiding the conversation to help pinpoint the main issue.
Wiebke’s work is definitely intuitively guided, and she helps you get to the heart of the matter with a few questions and specific groupings of the pebbles.  After our conversation and the work we did, I felt an immediate shift of energy.  What was most amazing to me is that once the energy in myself shifted, the situation miraculously shifted also. It was as if I did not have to do anything but allow for that shift.
Jane Machinchick

Channel Marketing Expert

I find constellation work using representatives – pebbles – highly effective in online coaching. Working with Wiebke thru visualizing and layout of pebbles resulted in new insights, valuable conclusions and clarity around the topic in question.

I appreciated two things in particular:

1:  Wiebke is mindful, open, accepting and without judgment in her work.

2 Shifting perspective to a bird’s eye view, using a second camera.

Thank you, Wiebke! Our collaboration got my issue moving!

Annette Luickhardt

Luickhardt HR Consulting

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