About Wiebkea

A business alchemista is someone who reads between the lines and grasps what’s going on with you, your business and its components beyond the rational analysis of data and documents.

Wiebke gained experience at EDS, Alcoa and Wirecard in areas of IT, HR and outsourcing.

In her consulting business she looks at the health of organizations and their people. Holding an evening MBA (SDA Bocconi, Milan) along with in depth training with teachers of ancient native wisdom practices.

Wiebke brings ancient wisdom to modern economy, reminding this digital age to not forget about the interconnectedness of Life.

Looking beyond the “Internet of Things” to see the “Web of Life.” She holds space for creative evolution by looking beyond the purpose of profit to the purpose of life that each corporation and individual fulfills in the corporate jungle.

As new generations enter the workplace, who demand sense and purpose through their job, she sees a need to move from corporations who credit control to a more conscious form of organization that fosters self organization and prefers collaboration over competition.


Let’s listen together.