Committed to shifting your life?

Once you open your eyes, there´s no way back. You see what´s bugging you, the little habits that impact your life. Coaching, training, leadership courses teach you to walk through life with your eyes open. There is really no way back to shutting down the awareness around Life. New habits like journalling, mindfulness and yoga shifted life for the better. And then ….


a roadblock! Moodiness. Bad habits you thought you overcame – are back. You need to uplevel your game, take a new look at what´s standing in the way, true to Marcus Aurelius´ saying:

What stands in the way becomes the way

We´ll take a look what stands in the way of your flourishing business or the next career step and move thru it. Or around it. Or beyond it. Whatever trick is needed.

Whatevery stands in the way needs some effort, some deep dive and honest look at yourself to identify and shift. A single session rarely suffices, which is why I offer a 3 months committment. Your pick: we meet once or twice a month to address what’s in your way. 


Let´s talk 

One hour of focussed intent with all hands on deck: you bring your question, your issue and I bring my business alchemista toolkit: pebble talk, shamanic journey and listening on all levels. Whatever it needs to identify your next step. 

Empowerment Deep Dive

This work is deeply empowering. There may be pieces of you that are not accessible to you today, pieces of knowledge, of joy or of power. 
In accessing non-ordinary reality, these missing links can be restored to bring you a renewed sense of yourself, of where you belong and of the deep power you carry.
When I speak about power, I do refer to an indigenous view of “power to be” or “power to create” which is profoundly different to the modern paradigm of having “power over” someone.
Examples of methods I apply:
  • Constellation mapping
  • Soul retrieval
  • Ancestral work – connecting to your roots 
Included in this booking is a 30 min follow-up session.