I´ve taken time off lately, 3 weeks in Mexico. I live in Germany, so that is a long ways away.

3 weeks to unwind and release and be at peace, following a harsh year and my mom´s passing.

Thursday was a public holiday in Germany, Ascension day, so I felt free to just meander. I had not really landed, following my long flight back on Monday /Tuesday night. Not really grounded.

I meditated and had my guides share a “simple” ceremony with me.

See the little green statue? I bought that from the farmers market in Ajijic, Lake Chapala (pretty place, if you have the chance to go).

He spoke to me right there.

I also brought some copal smoke sticks with me. He held the smoke while I used my feathers (turkey vulture, owl, eagle, swan) to release and dissolve all remaining cords and attachments to family and place. To be clear and start the next phase of my life afresh.

Once completed, I took out my pipe – another powerful shamanic tool, mapacho tobacco – and performed another layer of cleansing and smoking. It sets my entire system vibrating. Closing any holes left by the de-cording above.

You see the local cathedral spire in the background. That is really the symbol of place, of my home town.

So, this picture sums up my morning quite nicely: the Mexican guide, my face pot watching, waiting to be planted with spring flowers and my pipe.

Home – travel – integration.