Did you ever come to a full stop in your money flow?

Like, nothing adds to your account? You have all these great ideas, yet none really gets done. Whenever you sit down – poof, ideas evaporate, a thousand small obstacles in the way and suddenly even laundry becomes priority.

I´ve been wondering, what is this about?

Coming out of meditation today, one of my favorite ideas had popped up again – the CoachingWalk – yet no focus to really start organizing and promoting it. Hey Lady, if you don´t promote it, people out there will not know!

What is in the way?

I feel uncomfortable. Really really uncomfortable. Like a child, digging in her heels to not go forward.

How old are you? Eight.

What happened at eight – I took some money from the piggy bank to buy sweets. Licorice … and I got caught. I got told off – “you can only spend your own money, the pocket money that is given to you!” I can only spend the money that is given to me, remembers the eight-year-old that still resides somewhere within me. As a good girl, I walked through life and judiciously spend only that which was given to me.

That works as long as you are employed and your salary is “given to you” in the larger sense of the word.

So I better invite my eight-year-old in and have a dialogue with her about obtaining our own money.