I´m baffled. Wirecard. My former employer. The darling of the German stockmarket, now discovered a fraud.

What to say. I`m glad that I left when I left. And now? What a coincidence to be speaker at www.truthandreconciliation.net this coming Saturday, July 4, 2020.

Truth and Reconciliation.

How can we heal. How can a company like Wirecard heal and return to play its role in the market, powerfully.

On a different note: how can a country like Germany heal, following the 3. Reich and the War.

First thru Truth: by looking with complete honesty at what happened. By accepting responsibility, not shying away and not pointing to some “other” culprit. And my country is doing that. Still today. Which I am kinda proud of, I admit.

Second: knowing Truth, one can commence to look at reconciliation. Identifying an appropriate way to restore balance, thru paying debts and making peace with ones’ past. As a country, we´re in the middle of it, I believe.

There is still work to be done.

There is no shortcut really. Without the soul searching of shortcomings, and the acknowledgement of what truly happened, how can you choose appropriate measures of reconciliation. If you skip the part of searching for truth, reconciliation measures become brittle and a show, not restoring strength.

And Wirecard? Well, they are just taking the first step, the “Truth” part. Which honestly can be pretty brutal.

What precisely happened, all the wrong-doings. And put that out in the open. Acknowledge the wrongness of it, also on a level of value. A company carries accountability towards its clients and its employees. Who knows, some possibly colluded. Here #Truth is needed, too. Truth in the sense of standing in front of a mirror and looking into your own eyes instead of pointing at someone else.

“A company” is made up of its employees,

who breathe that air of wrongdoings.

Only knowing the truth, can the appropriate reconciliation measures be taken. To heal the spirit of that business and the spirit of its employees.

Talk about soul loss of a business and possible soul loss for a lot of the people who work there. What an intense journey.
Wishing my former colleagues clarity, the courage for truth and the appropriate measures of reconciliation.

Contact me if I can be of help.